The capital city of Belmopan

Belmopan, Belize: Hibiscus on a fence

The capital city of Belmopan

Belmopan is centrally located in the Cayo District in the interior. The city owes its establishment of a natural disaster. A hurricane named Hattie devastated Belize City in 1961 , the previous capital . After several years of discussion we agree ultimately boils down to relocate the seat of government of the country. The risk of renewed destruction is just too big . 1970 then commenced about eighty kilometers from Belize City to build. Hurricane Secure accommodation included, so that people can find refuge should again sweep such a hurricane over the country. Nevertheless, only a few thousand people have settled in rather quiet Belmopan .

The cityscape is more manageable , but you can reach all important places within walking distance. Everything is planned and thought out , especially of green areas and trees there is no shortage . Independece Plaza marked the city center , so to speak . Here within you can do almost everything important . All major government buildings are located here , as well as the hospital, the post office and the University of Belize. On the nearby market bustle almost daily. It is sold pretty much everything you can imagine . At many levels you also get a delicious meal .

Since the city is still relatively young, there is to see in place hardly something historic for tourists here . If you like peace and tranquility , a room can book one of the hotels in Belmopan and then explore the surrounding area from here. By car you get , for example, within about one hour from Belmopan to Belize City or vice versa. Buses also ply between the two cities every hour.

Belmopan, Belize: Hibiscus on a fence

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secret center of Belize

Belize City Boats

Belize City is many things at once : the country’s largest city , business center and main port and provincial capital of the Belize District. A look at the history of the city of Belize City : Life Founder times ( about mid-17th century ) the city was called nor Belize Town. Until 1970 Belize City was even the capital of the country .

Anyone have more and know more precisely wants a big influence on important events in the country and its people over time and wrote the history of Belize, a visit to the museums in the city should not miss : The Museum of Belize takes you on a journey into history the country and the people who inhabited it . One learns how far handed the influence of Maya in this region and what treasures they have left to posterity . The Maritime Museum of interested visitors learn in exhibitions interesting facts about the themes sea, reefs and cayes and the Art Museum Image Factory provide local artists exhibit their works to the audience .

At the beginning of the 19th Century built by the settlers of British bricks an Anglican church . She was given the name of Saint John ‘s Cathedral. Throughout Central America, there are no older Anglican church . It was next to the church even at coronation ceremonies as a backdrop. Around the same time, the white government building was built in the colonial style. Both are in very good condition . The lighthouse at the harbor thanks to the generosity of Belize Baron Bliss . At the foot of the lighthouse , the British aristocracy is buried .

Another building worth seeing located at Haulover Creek. This river runs through the city and divides it into two sides : the Northside with nobler residential areas and hotels and the Southside, where playing the commercial and economic activity. A swing bridge spans the river , creating a path from one side of town to the other. It was built in the 1920s and is still operated by hand even today. Twice a day gives way to the bridge of the ship traffic and can happen hochmastige ships.

Cheers to Baron Bliss!

Every year on the 9th March in Belize City something extraordinary place : a regatta in honor of Baron Bliss . Who was this man and thus he has earned a national holiday ? Well, for the people of Belize , this man has a special significance . They buried him in Belize and even erected a monument to him in the city . The Englishman Baron Bliss (1869-1926) came to British Honduras ( called as the country in his time ) . It was sort of love at first sight , for he saw the mainland only from his ship . Before he could take a visit, died of British aristocrats .

His affection was enough even to the point that he left the country of Belize and its people a small fortune in the form of a trust fund ! Using these funds , numerous buildings and public facilities to be built. Throughout Belize one is still grateful to the benefactor and proves it by festivities throughout the country at his death every year anew the honor .

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Belize Land of the Maya

Altun Ha, Mayan temple Belize.

Past civilizations have always had a special fascination for me . The magic touch of mysterious story blowing me again and again , if I can see the mysterious relics of bygone days or , with luck , sometimes even allowed to touch . That’s why I ‘ve always wanted to travel to Belize . It was my dream to see in my life with my own eyes what ‘s left of the legendary Maya. And that I have can finally fulfill that dream.

Belize received me with bright blue skies and sunshine. Since I mostly wanted to spend here with a visit to the Mayan ruins my time , I had chosen the winter dry season, this tropical paradise as a personal visit time . Although the cost a total of a little more money , but some Mayan facilities would not have been accessible during the rainy season. And I finally wanted to miss nothing , just to save the wrong place to be able to .

My accommodation was basic but clean and comfortable and I found there everything that I needed. Finally, I wanted to here also do not reside , but only to sleep , make me fresh and change your clothes. My chinos, T -shirts and fresh underwear were quickly stowed away in the closet. Of course, I had also taken a hat that not only a daring resemblance to Indiana Jones gave me , but also to protect myself with my excursions on the trail of the Maya from sunburn . And a backpack I had taken in order to have a self-catering my rations at hand at the man can .

When a licensed organizer I had booked a tour to the ruins of Altun Ha for the next day . Here wont the Maya hold their ceremonies and this place has become like since its re-discovery by particularly intensive excavations for curious hobby historians me back quite easily accessible. Amazement and awe I walked through the impressive streets and the two main plazas and looked at it fascinated the convincing of great craftsmanship manner with which the Maya have used their building materials. The numerous temples and dwellings , which are remarkably well preserved even today, gave me a touching picture of the life that once flourished here must have .

On a visit to the ruins of Caracol I was particularly pleased me, because it was not so easy to get a permission to visit . All you need is an official official permit and then must still have additionally lucky enough to get one of the few coveted seats on the visitors list. Fortunately, my tour operator had been able to take care of everything and my new adventure , nothing stood in the way.

Even the trip to the ruins of Caracol was a sensation . Although I have as a pampered Europeans an entirely different idea of ​​a paved road , as is the case in Belize, but the fantastic scenery reconciled me with every single pothole. All one can say about the colorful beauty of the tropics, I have seen during this bumpy ride. The rain forest that surrounds Caracol , houses countless plants and animals and is of wild untamed splendor. And the sight of the over 40 meter high pyramid ” Canaa ” at the end of the journey compensated me not only for all of the effort , but let me forget completely . This sublime testimony of earlier architectural art is, as far as I know, still the tallest artificial structure in Belize. This system is really uniquely beautiful and literally breathtaking.

The ruins of Cerros were next on my list. Since I had chosen the dry season , I was able to enjoy a land there , the past led me to a few small villages and a wonderful lagoon. Arriving at my destination I explored amazement the three major citadels , the mighty plazas and pyramids flanking the plant. And of course I let me not miss the sensational view that presents itself there on a 20 meter high walk- building.

The next day I had the imposing ruins of Lamanai on the program. Here, the Maya have over 3000 years continuously lived and held their ceremonies regularly. Nestled in a lush tropical rainforest plant the proud lay there and rewarded me after I had climbed the towering temple complex bravely , with an absolutely terrific views . Although I had seen at that time a lot and experienced, I have to say that I had never felt so much the presence of the Maya as here , high on the temple , in the face of the whole tropical abundance .

Coming to Lubaantun was not so easy, but I had opened a good tour operator who could arrange everything necessary for me. And it really was a very unique experience that no fewer than 11 major complexes and their five main plazas full of explorers urge to fathom. Particularly impressed me here was the unusual design. The workers there at the time used no mortar , but the individual bricks aligned so perfectly and assembled that the buildings could withstand the test of time without any binder. An absolutely sensational cultural achievement , I think.

The ruins of Xunantunich should be the last stop of my personal adventure through the ancient quasi Belize . Here are my grades were called as ” mountain goat ” because there during the almost two kilometers from where the ferry port , up to the system one at times quite toxic slope . But I knew that would compensate me for all the abundant rise torments these ruins .

Xunantunich presented me with six major plazas and more than 25 state buildings , ie palaces and temples . On the southern edge of the pyramid El Castillo rises to 40 meters in height. I thought that was very impressive , even if Canaa lies there on points clearly ahead .

With your head full of exciting new experiences and a suitcase full of sweaty laundry , I finally joined physically exhausted , but overjoyed at my much too quickly induce Come home. I had no photos taken . The Maya and the remaining silent mystery of her past will be from now on a vital part of my very own wonderful memories of Belize .

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Belize Adventure Tours



Belize Adventure Tours Are A Great Vacation Option


Do you want to do something a little more adventurous on your next vacation ?  Want to travel to a place where you can see and experience things you cannot do anywhere else in the world ?  Well, if you do you should really keep reading as we are going to share with you some pretty cool options for you.


The country of Belize is an amazingly beautiful country with some of the best options for eco friendly and adventure excursions.  The country contains some absolutely spectacular Mayan Ruins, rainforest, and reef.  The entire country is a natural world wonder that has captured the attention of individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. It has an unrivaled ecosystem, and each year travelers are surprised at how much they find in this intriguing area of the world.  It is exactly for this reason that Belize adventure tours are becoming more popular each year among tourists from across the globe.


As you may or may not know, rainforests are essential to the world’s air quality, and water supply.  Studies have also shown that it may even have an effect on changes in weather.  In addition, the average person is not aware of the diverse types of wildlife and fauna that exist only in a rainforest setting.  They also don’t realize how beautiful it is.


The country of Belize may be the founder of the concept of “eco tourism” long before it became popular amongst main stream culture.  Belize is the “real deal” when it comes to experiencing a true Central American eco adventure.


Many people find the serenity and quietness that are characteristic features of Belize appealing. Here, a person can also examine the numerous plant species found in the area, see and hear howler monkeys playing, and breathe oxygen enriched air that will likely make him or her feel a burst of energy.


Late spring and early summer are the best times to travel to the area if one is interested in a traditional tour. However, certain visitors would rather experience the country between February and April.  Whether it is Hiking through the quiet forest, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, or Snorkeling and Kayaking over the beautiful barrier reef.


Organizing a trip of this type can be somewhat overwhelming as it is difficult to choose from such a broad range of options. For instance, you can choose from a conventional getaway package that includes a three day tour (which will be quite rushed) that includes a day in the rainforest, a day exploring ruins, and a day on the coast.  We recommend A lengthier tour which isn’t so rushed, and includes accommodations in a resort or hotel as a home base.   If you are planning on doing a lot of exploring there is no need to go crazy with your accommodations as most of your time will be spent outdoors.


Another intriguing option for those planning to visit the Amazon is a riverboat tour. The latter is interesting and fun way to experience all the area has to offer. One usually sleeps on board, and throughout the day rolls along the river where the surrounding scenery and wildlife can be enjoyed. The riverboat typically makes multiple stops along the way. Trips of this kind generally last 5 to 10 days.

Corozal, Belize

Corozal, Belize (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tours that involve sport fishing and tree climbing are also quite popular among those interested in Amazonian getaways. They can be arranged as a one-day outing, or they may be part of a boat or lodge tour. Anyone who enjoys physical activity or sports will find that this is a great option.


Over the past decade, hiking tours have become more popular than ever before. This is likely because hiking through the Rain Forest is an excellent way to experience all the characteristics that make this area unique. Participants on such tours frequently get to converse with local residents and learn about their native culture.


Most people who embark upon Amazon adventure tours dedicate a minimum of seven days for their trip. Visitors who have more time are wise to consider dividing their vacation among different regions of the basin. Such arrangements can be made online or through a local travel agent. Regardless of each traveler’s individual objectives, a trip to this spectacular part of the world will be an unforgettable event.


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Corozal Town in the north of Belize

Corozal, Belize

Corozal, Belize (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corozal Town is located in the north of the country , right on the coast . Middle of the 19th Century settled refugees in the region. They fled before the war happening on the Yucatán Peninsula. The so-called box war dragged on from 1847 to 1901 . Many Maya and Mestizos left for fear of the troops mexinanischen the country over the Rio Hondo . Against this historical background, it is clear: To talk with the locals in Corozal Town , should master the Spanish language halfway . Because the majority of residents of Corozal Town speaks Spanish. In addition to the language and their few belongings , the new settlers brought with them , of course, their cultural and religious peculiarities with – and keep them upright until today. This is visible every day in the city, hear and feel .

In September 1955, a natural disaster is to: Hurricane Janet . The cyclone devastated Corozal Town almost entirely . From the old buildings is hardly anything healing . Clay and wood could not withstand the force of the hurricane. For this purpose , the architecture of Corozal Town is now a more modern side . On a mural on the walls of City Hall , a local artist has immortalized the turbulent history of Corozal Town. Nearby , in the park of Corozal Town , is the clock tower . He is so to speak the little symbol of the city and the general meeting place for the locals. Around the tower are almost always stands up . Man selling fruit juices and snacks and all sorts of odds and ends at the flea market.

A popular destination is the Four Mile Lagoon . This is a beautiful lagoon on the border river Rio Hondo and is located less than ten miles from Corozal Town. Locals as well as tourists like to spend their leisure time. Even James Cook mid-18th Century discovered the lagoon when he umherschipperte on the Rio Hondo . Meanwhile, the area is heavily developed . There are several picnic areas , playgrounds and everything you need for a perfect swimming day with the whole family. A short trip to Mexico offers on the basis of proximity. Who would not want to travel far , can let the sun on your belly, on the beaches of Corozal Bay.

Mayan ruins is where to go and

It is interesting that the settlers have built their city on the ruins of a Mayan site : on Santa Rita . Archaeologists suspect that Santa Rita was built around 2000 BC . And they believe that about half of the buildings of Santa Rita is still hidden under Corozal Town. Another important legacy of the Mayan culture is Cerros , a few kilometers from Corozal Town. For all archeology fans a must ! The name , however, is not from the Maya, but is of Spanish origin . Cerros means in German translates as hills or mountains . Cerros is located on a peninsula in the Bay of Chetumal. Visitors come from Corozal Town from comfortable with the boat within a quarter of an hour there. About twenty acres of land claims the Maya site on this hill . To discover there are pyramids and other buildings. Some of the ornate decorations are still visible .

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