Belize deep sea fishing

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The element of water is the basis for the holiday on the island of Belize, a small country bordering Mexico , Guatemala, and has to offer a Caribbean coastline in the east, also the longest coral reef in the world. To explore this , together with the 175 reef islands before Belize, yachts are available for charter , to get a taste of in the sport of sailing or for seasoned sailors. Also, catamarans and motor boats can be hired , for example, by anglers , because fishing is a passion which is indulged in Belize by locals and tourists alike. And that has spread among travelers .

Thanks to its tropical climate and the 300 -meter-long reef fish diversity is very large, from barracuda and triggerfish over rainbow mackerel and grouper to tarpon, further out, tuna , sailfish , bonito and pompano, which is very hard to catch . But not only at sea , even in the many rivers of the island and in the shallow water anglers find their territories . A season there due to the year-round climate is not constant , yet there are weddings which includes almost all species of fish can be found , as before the winter , several days of cold front and May to July. Boats can be rented at any time of year , the fishing guides know the associated fishing conditions, even for glass perch, Cuberaschnapper and jewfish .

The tarpon example migrates as a larva in the dam waters than juveniles into the sea , and then throughout the year can be found in fresh water.

There are also packages for anglers. You can find accommodation in the fishing resorts and lodges in Belize or the offshore islands . In the flats the fish are biting at the fly fishermen . Desirability is primarily the tarpon, which brings between 50 and 100 pounds on the scale. Also fishing grounds for the easy -to-catch fish woman know the fishing guide . In the south of the permit is to find the happy staying at the reef edge . Waiting for fly fishing barracuda or trevally on the sea.

Prior to the Charter of the boat or going on a trip Pact for anglers, an introductory course should be an experienced fishing guide . There are also tips for capturing nocturnal fish like the horror snapper. The swampy mangrove forests are the target of anglers .

An introduction by a fishing guide is also therefore makes sense because it gives valuable tips like the fish diversity is to be preserved. After all, some areas have been recognized as marine reserves . To avoid overfishing certain species should be protected or released after the catch. Likewise, tourists are admonished for their meals to catch just as much fish as necessary. The current Directives know the fishing guide, the guides , or even the local angling clubs .

For anglers , Belize is similar for the divers paradise. Belize has spoken a little- fishing friends around long . The lack of large hotel chains, small – to medium -priced hotels and inns allow the hobby on the Caribbean coast and leisure travelers on a budget .

For Fishing is also enjoying . The guides not only know which fish at what time where to find and how to bring him to bite , also know as the catch is tasty recipes to prepare. Often one of the conditions under which a guide is also booked to give him a share of the catch for dinner.

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Windsurfing in Belize

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Surfin ‘ USA – this need not be in Hawaii or California. An El Dorado for water sports is also Belize , a jewel in the triangle between Guatemala , Mexico and the Caribbean coast .

Act like a true windsurfer drop everything and lie when wind velocity and direction are correct. To deal with the forces of nature wind and water apart, can have an intoxicating effect . So it is no wonder that the Central American vacationers paradise Belize was also discovered by surfers spots like Caye Caulker also attract those who want to get to know the board.

Onshore winds provide security for those who test first time whether they get along with board and sail . Anyone venturing further , can look forward to head-high waves and swish across the water from February to April on wind speeds the board. Rounder in May may expect up to 30 knots. September to January is the season for hurricanes, surf freaks wait even at this time days with high winds over to the kick on the waves to look for.

Tropical temperatures make surfing in Belize pleasant and avoid wearing Thermopen suits. A unique experience – with luck – the escort of dolphins. An equally special attraction is the view through the clear water on reefs and colorful fish diversity. As the Windsurfing Magazine wrote : In Belize you surf like in an aquarium.

In Belize all-inclusive packages with accommodation, meals and a loan of surfing equipment including transfer offered to best practice districts as well as courses for the whole family . Belize offers the shallow water, and the already mentioned onshore winds – do not let the surfer drifting on the open sea but in the direction of the country – ideal conditions in districts beginners as Ambergris Caye . The reef protects the coastal regions from protective.

Certified instructors teach beginners and advanced customization . Some theory is this necessary as well as the analysis of videos. But it is also common on the water. Under the expert guidance can be trained on the board here first the balance.

Courses are available in Surf schools such as the German ” Windschief ” surf school, known locally as ” wind Chief” . In addition to rental equipment and expert advice is available in Surf schools and recommendations for areas . Insiders know the thermals of the peninsula properly assess and exploit them. The Gulf of Mexico offers some surprises. However, insiders recommend those surfers who are looking for the really big challenges , rather areas like Hawaii . Even boards for surfing without a sail can be hired.

Some surf schools have lodges with inexpensive , comfortable accommodation . After romping in the water should again gain the upper hand Caribbean serenity. After sunset, wait bars and restaurants where you can let pass the experience on the water Revue .

Who from surfing enough can also try kayaking , scuba diving , kite boarding or sailing : Water is very important in Belize . Deserted areas and unspoiled nature in large tracts of land make the peninsula to a surfer’s paradise .

And not just on the water. Surfing is a way of life to which the maxim in Belize ” Go Slow ” best fit . As long as the sun, wind and waves are present , everything must go a little more casual . Caribbean flat.

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