Orange Walk Town along the New River

English: Orange Walk town, Belize

Orange Walk Town , on the banks of the New River , is Belize’s second largest city . Settlers have been around a very long time in this area. First, the Maya many centuries lived here and later , starting around the mid-16th Century European settlers arrived in this region of Belize. Just as Corozal Town Orange Walk Town has emerged as a settlement of refugees from Mexico.

A special attraction in the area of Orange Walk Town is the imposing and important Mayan ruins of Lamanai . To get there , the waterway on the New River offers . Enjoy the ride in the boat and let the views of the Belizean landscape slide . Experience the flora and fauna of Belize , you see enough of the magnificent colors of the jungle.

After a while, ride the river empties into the New River Lagoon . This lagoon is approximately fifty kilometers long and thus the largest in Belize. Even from the shore you can see some buildings of the Maya. Lamanai , which translates in German means as much as ” abgetauchtes Crocodile” , one of the largest Mayan facilities of its kind in all of Belize . It is estimated that up to 50,000 people lived here . The huge main temple in Lamanai comes from the so-called Präklassik the Mayan culture. This ranges from about 2000 BC to 250 BC, a small museum on site are issued in the various artefacts from all periods of the Mayan culture. The entire area is now under protection , which is also the rain forest and the wildlife comes in addition to the archaeological treasures benefit . Keep your eyes open, you might discover one of the shy forest dwellers ! If you like , you can swim in the New River Lagoon .

The Rio Bravo conservation area and its treasures

The Rio Bravo Conservation Area is a huge nature reserve , about an hour’s drive from Orange Walk Town . Many thousands of acres of forest land have a variety of animals habitat. Above all, the stocks of wild cats and tapirs are particularly high in this reserve and remain fairly constant, since hunting is hardly or not longer allowed. In the treetops of mahogany trees , cedars and other giant trees cavort over 200 different bird species, but also monkeys and other animals . Over 100 species of orchids grow in the Rio Bravo Conservation Area. It relies on sustainable ecotourism to introduce visitors to the vulnerable nature and its diversity.

As a visitor you have the opportunity to participate in guided jungle tours , exploring nature trails and visit Mayan sites . In the midst of the protected area are in fact present countless Mayan ruins. It is believed that many remnants of the Mayan time have so far remained undiscovered . The most famous Mayan site here is probably La Milpa .

La Milpa was discovered in the 1930s. Of course, here are pyramids – some of them extend more than 20 feet in the air . The archaeologists believe that in the north of La Milpa is the part where the people lived . In the south, the buildings are laid out rather closed. Presumably, the rulers resided . Today, large parts of the former Mayan city are overgrown by jungle.

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Belize Tours – Part 1

Big Rock Fall, Privassion Creek, Belize


The location of the island between the Caribbean coast of Belize , Guatemala and Mexico entices round trips to a variety of landscapes and cultures. The eventful history of Belize to return to the Mayan time makes it particularly rewarding study trips . Vast rain forests, waterfalls and Caribbean beaches are one side of the island, ruins of Mayan temples and residential buildings the other.

Individualists come with a mix of car hire and charter flights at their expense , to discover on your own Belize and the surrounding countries . Thus, a balanced program can be compiled as desired .

For a round trip in Belize Caracol and Lamanai are on the list of archaeological sites to delve here into the history of the Maya. Botanically interested should the Panti Medicinal Trail schedule on which the fauna of Belize is explained. Nearby is the Che Chem Ha cave is located . Excursions in the woods can be explored on horseback , this has the advantage that you get close to wildlife zoom comes because of the smell of horses covered the people . In addition, the Rocked offers are by nature time to adjust to the rhythm of nature and people in a tropical country . Waterfalls such as the nature reserve Mountain Pine Ridge are also a refreshing sight as the natural pools of the river Rio Frio ideal opportunity to cool off on the trip. Likewise, in the underground river of inland Blue Hole on the Hummingbird Highway – a unique nature experience.

Tours in Belize will always find some place on the water. This includes exploring by canoe into the cave of Barton Creek as sailing trips to the most attractive diving areas . The coral reefs are a must , but whoever does takes the plunge into the diving, can admire the colorful variety of fish species also while snorkeling . For daily planning a trip should be on a small island belonging to Belize .

Provides variety from which to explore the borderland , for example on a three-country tour on Maya. After the start in Mexico, from Cancun to Chetumal. The Mayan museum in the port of export for precious wood , provides an introduction to the culture of the indigenous people and is the largest of the so-called Mayan Riviera. In eight departments, it provides an outline of the present knowledge on the Maya.

In neighboring Belize , a settlement of the Maya can be seen at Altun Ha , next to the zoo with the Tropical Education Center, the butterfly house and the jungle trail and overnight at Djungle Lodge, the border crossing to Guatemala can be scheduled , the Mayan city of Tikal.

Just as the river Rio Hondo Belize from Mexico separates , is the Usumacinta between Mexico and Guatemala. By boat you can reach here Yaxchilan , another Mayan site . About Uxmal it goes back to Cancun.

Chichén Itzá , since 1988 a World Heritage Site , a temple town in the Yucatan Peninsula with a turbulent history and the appropriate ending to a journey through the ancient culture is because here the phrase had taken place with the importance of the Maya wore off and their civilization ended . In addition to the pyramid of Kulkután and the nuns house especially the Ball court is known.

From Belize from tours to Guatemala and Nicaragua are well organized. To get to know another way to land and people , traveling by public buses of the island. Especially for backpackers can be scheduled so spontaneous and flexible destinations , also taking account of advice of the locals.

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History of Belize

From the Maya to the

Belize City, Belize

Belize City, Belize (Photo credit: Hickatee)

European settlers

Belize was not always Belize . Long the land was known as British Honduras, and a colony of the British Empire . Only anno 1973 it received its present name and some ten years later, Belize became independent. However, we first take a look into the past.

The history of Belize dates back far . For many centuries, the Maya are located in Belize . Bear testimony of numerous ruins of cities and temples of the Maya – scattered throughout the country. A small number of descendants of these people still live in Belize .

In the mid-17th Century then begin the Europeans to colonize the country. As an incentive, they look especially profit by trading in logwood, which can be beaten here . The coloring properties of this woody plant is known in Europe since the 16th Century. Therefore, it was in high demand as a dye for wool. But the precious exotic mahogany wood ship the settlers in the home. On the history of Belize at this time also include pirate . The privateers are focused on the island of St. George ‘s Caye domesticated one . Here they return when they finish their Plünderfahrten in the Caribbean waters . On the charges of the Spanish and British ships have targeted the pirates ! British and Spanish settlers have long time fierce battles for supremacy in Belize. End of the 18th Century then win the British an important victory against the Spaniards in the Battle of St. George ‘s Caye . In this battle ships from the UK, the Spanish fleet were far superior .

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Corozal Town in the north of Belize

Corozal, Belize

Corozal, Belize (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corozal Town is located in the north of the country , right on the coast . Middle of the 19th Century settled refugees in the region. They fled before the war happening on the Yucatán Peninsula. The so-called box war dragged on from 1847 to 1901 . Many Maya and Mestizos left for fear of the troops mexinanischen the country over the Rio Hondo . Against this historical background, it is clear: To talk with the locals in Corozal Town , should master the Spanish language halfway . Because the majority of residents of Corozal Town speaks Spanish. In addition to the language and their few belongings , the new settlers brought with them , of course, their cultural and religious peculiarities with – and keep them upright until today. This is visible every day in the city, hear and feel .

In September 1955, a natural disaster is to: Hurricane Janet . The cyclone devastated Corozal Town almost entirely . From the old buildings is hardly anything healing . Clay and wood could not withstand the force of the hurricane. For this purpose , the architecture of Corozal Town is now a more modern side . On a mural on the walls of City Hall , a local artist has immortalized the turbulent history of Corozal Town. Nearby , in the park of Corozal Town , is the clock tower . He is so to speak the little symbol of the city and the general meeting place for the locals. Around the tower are almost always stands up . Man selling fruit juices and snacks and all sorts of odds and ends at the flea market.

A popular destination is the Four Mile Lagoon . This is a beautiful lagoon on the border river Rio Hondo and is located less than ten miles from Corozal Town. Locals as well as tourists like to spend their leisure time. Even James Cook mid-18th Century discovered the lagoon when he umherschipperte on the Rio Hondo . Meanwhile, the area is heavily developed . There are several picnic areas , playgrounds and everything you need for a perfect swimming day with the whole family. A short trip to Mexico offers on the basis of proximity. Who would not want to travel far , can let the sun on your belly, on the beaches of Corozal Bay.

Mayan ruins is where to go and

It is interesting that the settlers have built their city on the ruins of a Mayan site : on Santa Rita . Archaeologists suspect that Santa Rita was built around 2000 BC . And they believe that about half of the buildings of Santa Rita is still hidden under Corozal Town. Another important legacy of the Mayan culture is Cerros , a few kilometers from Corozal Town. For all archeology fans a must ! The name , however, is not from the Maya, but is of Spanish origin . Cerros means in German translates as hills or mountains . Cerros is located on a peninsula in the Bay of Chetumal. Visitors come from Corozal Town from comfortable with the boat within a quarter of an hour there. About twenty acres of land claims the Maya site on this hill . To discover there are pyramids and other buildings. Some of the ornate decorations are still visible .

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