Corozal Town in the north of Belize

Corozal, Belize

Corozal, Belize (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corozal Town is located in the north of the country , right on the coast . Middle of the 19th Century settled refugees in the region. They fled before the war happening on the Yucatán Peninsula. The so-called box war dragged on from 1847 to 1901 . Many Maya and Mestizos left for fear of the troops mexinanischen the country over the Rio Hondo . Against this historical background, it is clear: To talk with the locals in Corozal Town , should master the Spanish language halfway . Because the majority of residents of Corozal Town speaks Spanish. In addition to the language and their few belongings , the new settlers brought with them , of course, their cultural and religious peculiarities with – and keep them upright until today. This is visible every day in the city, hear and feel .

In September 1955, a natural disaster is to: Hurricane Janet . The cyclone devastated Corozal Town almost entirely . From the old buildings is hardly anything healing . Clay and wood could not withstand the force of the hurricane. For this purpose , the architecture of Corozal Town is now a more modern side . On a mural on the walls of City Hall , a local artist has immortalized the turbulent history of Corozal Town. Nearby , in the park of Corozal Town , is the clock tower . He is so to speak the little symbol of the city and the general meeting place for the locals. Around the tower are almost always stands up . Man selling fruit juices and snacks and all sorts of odds and ends at the flea market.

A popular destination is the Four Mile Lagoon . This is a beautiful lagoon on the border river Rio Hondo and is located less than ten miles from Corozal Town. Locals as well as tourists like to spend their leisure time. Even James Cook mid-18th Century discovered the lagoon when he umherschipperte on the Rio Hondo . Meanwhile, the area is heavily developed . There are several picnic areas , playgrounds and everything you need for a perfect swimming day with the whole family. A short trip to Mexico offers on the basis of proximity. Who would not want to travel far , can let the sun on your belly, on the beaches of Corozal Bay.

Mayan ruins is where to go and

It is interesting that the settlers have built their city on the ruins of a Mayan site : on Santa Rita . Archaeologists suspect that Santa Rita was built around 2000 BC . And they believe that about half of the buildings of Santa Rita is still hidden under Corozal Town. Another important legacy of the Mayan culture is Cerros , a few kilometers from Corozal Town. For all archeology fans a must ! The name , however, is not from the Maya, but is of Spanish origin . Cerros means in German translates as hills or mountains . Cerros is located on a peninsula in the Bay of Chetumal. Visitors come from Corozal Town from comfortable with the boat within a quarter of an hour there. About twenty acres of land claims the Maya site on this hill . To discover there are pyramids and other buildings. Some of the ornate decorations are still visible .

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